Thursday, March 10, 2011

Symbian^3 and the Ovi store.

I've fought long and hard at figuring out how to make my app work on Symbian. Any Symbian.
It was just recently that I found out about the entire signing side of creating Symbian apps - thanks in part to the new Nokia SDK that has inbuilt Symbian build, sign, deploy and debug.

As I started reading more and more of this entire process, I got to learn about Symbian "target capabilities". These keys influence what your Symbian app can or cannot do.
For example, NetworkServices is necessary to be able to do *any* network communication - either you doing sockets or QtWebkit doing any sockets.

But that's not all. What the documentation does not state and what I found out after loooooong long hours of wasting my time searching Google, was that the following combination "Self sign + capability=NetworkServices + QtWebkit classes" can provide me with only http browsing.
If I want to do *any* https / secure sockets / ssl communication, then the sis file MUST have a valid signature. It cannot be self-signed.

So now what? How do I go about getting it signed?
The price for a signing certificate is about $250 / year. That may be affordable, however, Verisign (or any other trusted authority) will not provide a certificate unless they are able to validate the existence and the legitimacy of *your company*.
Which mean I need to have a company (?!?) Yikes.

..... or I can go the easy route and sign up with the Ovi store, which signs sis files that are published to the Ovi store for free.

Guess how I'll be signing qgvdial and where they will be? :D

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