Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minor modifications and new build: 0.2.387

-> By user request: Inbox selector is saved and retrieved.
-> Inbox entries are now on two lines and slightly smaller font. Big enough to click, small enough to fit.
-> Tab order in settings page - not applicable to Maemo5, but oh so useful on desktop builds.
-> Windows setup is now an MSI.
-> About page has a link to the changelog.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stop timing out Mr Hurricane!

timing out before the web page loads is a drag. Especially if we're on a slow connection. qgvdial 0.2.385 is the beginning of what will be a real fix to this. Right now all I have introduced is a way for the caller to change timeouts and set the timeout for the initial login to 60 seconds.
Later releases will try larger timeouts starting from 45 seconds.

That's what I was thinking about when I realized, this is not a browser. I should leave these sort of settings to the user - accessible from "Advanced Settings".

Until I get to that, get your fix from the download list.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Starbucks effect

Starbucks uses a captive portal for its free wifi.
This means that the wifi device gets an IP address, and data transfer does happen, but it is not what qgvdial wants.
The symptom is that when qgvdial attempts to make phone calls (or send texts or listen to voicemail), it fails to get the data in a timely manner.

0.2.383 released today is the result of about 2 hours of Starbucks wifi and sugary drinks. Hopefully it takes care of the Starbucks effect as reasonably as possible.

Frosty piss

Excuse the childish subject but this is the first post in this blog, and I wanted to legitimately use this meme.

This blog is to follow the exploits of me as I continue to enhance and improve qgvdial - the Google Voice Dialer written in Qt.
The awesomeness of Qt allows qgvdial to be compiled and run on a variety of platforms.
The ones that I have managed to make it work on so far are Windows, Linux, Maemo5 and Mac OSX.
The Symbian one should have worked straight out of the box, but doesn't - I'll work on that as soon as I make qgvdial stable on the platforms that it's being used on the most: Maemo5, Linux and Windows.
Next on the agenda will be Meego.

There will be a WebOS port and hopefully soon enough an Android port as well.
At least at this point, the WebOS port seems to be easier and sooner than the Android port.
Didja notice how I excluded iOS out of this so far? You did? How astute of ya!
I'm not going there until I finish everything up to Android.
Hopefully by then the iOS port of Qt will be done and I won't have to be distracted by a lack of Qt there.
Windows Phone 7: Do not want. Cannot develop. No Qt = No go.

So in order of stuff to work on:
* Stability on Windows, Linux and Maemo5
* Symbian port
* Meego development
* WebOS
* Android
* iOS

This should keep me busy for the next few years.