Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frosty piss

Excuse the childish subject but this is the first post in this blog, and I wanted to legitimately use this meme.

This blog is to follow the exploits of me as I continue to enhance and improve qgvdial - the Google Voice Dialer written in Qt.
The awesomeness of Qt allows qgvdial to be compiled and run on a variety of platforms.
The ones that I have managed to make it work on so far are Windows, Linux, Maemo5 and Mac OSX.
The Symbian one should have worked straight out of the box, but doesn't - I'll work on that as soon as I make qgvdial stable on the platforms that it's being used on the most: Maemo5, Linux and Windows.
Next on the agenda will be Meego.

There will be a WebOS port and hopefully soon enough an Android port as well.
At least at this point, the WebOS port seems to be easier and sooner than the Android port.
Didja notice how I excluded iOS out of this so far? You did? How astute of ya!
I'm not going there until I finish everything up to Android.
Hopefully by then the iOS port of Qt will be done and I won't have to be distracted by a lack of Qt there.
Windows Phone 7: Do not want. Cannot develop. No Qt = No go.

So in order of stuff to work on:
* Stability on Windows, Linux and Maemo5
* Symbian port
* Meego development
* WebOS
* Android
* iOS

This should keep me busy for the next few years.

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